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Amy Shearn
Content Lead for Writing @ Medium // Editor of Human Parts & Creators Hub // Novels: Unseen City; The Mermaid of Brooklyn; How Far Is The Ocean From Here

Oh, hi! Here is a long term project I’ve been working on about long term projects:

And here are some regular old blog posts about being a person in the world:

Broken, Lost, Tossed, Found
All Hail Emily Dickinson, the Quarantine Queen
Pandemic Parenting: A Hair Story
In Praise of Terrible Dresses
Everything is Made Up Anyway

And: Profile header lettering by the wonderful Sam Zabell ❤️


Your stories about memorable strangers and letters you needed to write

Photo: Gangsig I / EyeEm / Getty Images

Does writing make you notice more things, or does noticing more things make you a writer? I’m not sure there’s really one answer, but I do know that being a writer can help a person to work those noticing muscles, to learn to see stories in strangers or overheard snippets…


Some fresh, crisp writing prompts for fall 🍁

It’s the season for everyone’s low-stakes hot takes on who loves autumn the most. (Spoiler alert: It’s me! But I liked it before it was like a THING, I SWEAR.) Forgive this very Eastern-Woodlands-of-North-America-centered take, but where I am, this is a season of change, a season that reminds us…


Your letters that you’ll never send (probably)

Photo: recep-bg/Getty Images

Sometimes there are things that need to be said, complicated emotions you just have to get off your chest. But also, sometimes that’s more for you than for anyone else. Voilà, the power of writing. This week, we suggested writing a letter to someone you despise. (None of you wrote…


Writing prompts for seeing things in a whole new way

Writing can help us get closer to understanding the perplexing stuff of life. Writing about a thing (or an event or a feeling or a person) offers a unique opportunity to look at said thing from all different angles, shifting it around and examining it in a way you might…


Photo Illustration: Save As/Medium; Source: Getty Images

There are so many really good reasons not to write. It’s hard. What you write may annoy someone. What you write may annoy yourself. There’s so much good stuff on Netflix that you can watch instead of writing. What you write might turn out to be no good. …


Your stories about memory, regrets, and loneliness

Photo: Karl Tapales / Getty Images

You make your coffee, you arrange your laptop (or notebook) just so, and settle in, proud of yourself that you’ve set aside this time to write. And… gosh shouldn’t you do the laundry? And wow, what is WRITING EVEN ANYWAY?

The good news is, as Flannery O’Connor once said, “Anybody…


Jump-start your creative flow with some prompts that nudge you to dive into your past

Hi, writers! We’re so glad you’re here. If you’re reading this, you may also be interested in our upcoming Creator Workshops, which are free and open to everyone. Check them out:


Here are some prompt ideas from me and my colleague Harris Sockel. (We’re a little obsessed with writing.) …


Your stories about feeling allllllll the feelings

Photo: KT images / Getty Images

Hey writers! Brief programming note here: Hi, I’m Amy! I’m a senior editor here at Medium, where I work on Creators Hub, Human Parts, and some other stuff. I also write essays and fiction and novels, much like, I’m guessing, many of you. I’m taking over Write Here prompts for…

Kelly Corrigan, bestselling author, television, and podcast host, on how to find your audience and make work that matters

Illustration: Save As/Medium; source: Unsplash

Kelly Corrigan is a force of nature — a New York Times bestselling author, a podcaster, a PBS television host, and a prolific Medium creator. She knows, among other things, how to have a great conversation. Recently, she had some illuminating conversations on her podcast about the topics of generation…

Amy Shearn

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